Holland Park, W11

We are a professional residential and commercial gutter cleaning company based in London covering Holland Park. We offer gutter cleaning using our ground level sky vac cleaning systems that can reach 4 stories high or 40ft without the need for ladders, scaffolding, or cherry pickers.


Having your gutters regularly cleaned and maintained can save you a small fortune in potential repair costs to your property caused by blocked gutters. Such issues as damp, wood rot, leaks, foundation damage, mold, damage to ceilings, walls, and insulation are all side effects of blocked guttering.


Only small amounts of water over a short period can cause extensive damage and on average 70% of water-related damage claims in the UK stem from gutter issues. Many insurers add in their small print that a claim could be affected if regular maintenance is not adhered to with your guttering leaving you at potential risk.



Call or email us today to arrange a free inspection and quote to have your gutters professionally cleaned.

02 The Process

Gutter Inspection & Quote


We use a pole fed inspection system that can reach 45ft high with a camera unit attached to evaluate the level of clearance needed. This helps us to quote you accurately and shows you the condition of your guttering. 

When you are happy to proceed we book your gutters in to be cleaned on a day of your choosing with an AM or PM Slot.

Gutter Cleaning London.jpg
Gutter Clearance


Using our state of the art sky vac gutter cleaning system we clean your gutters from the ground level up to 4 stories or 40ft high. Our pole-fed system, vacuums all of the muck out of your gutters leaving them clear and free of debris. Once your gutters are cleared we collect all of the waste ready for disposal. 



Once the works are completed we send pictures or a video via text or email of your guttering to show the completed works.

We recommend your guttering is cleaned a minimum of once per year.

Once your initial clean is completed if needed we can book you in for regular cleaning at fixed prices.